The Flowers

About Play

Written by Girish Karnad, directed by Roysten abel and performed by Rajit Kapoor.

Girish Karnad’s new play is a dramatic monolgue about a devoted and pious priest who violates both his ‘dharma’ and his ‘bhakti’ because of his love for a courtesan. Torn between his love for his God and his love for Chandravati, between his duty to the king and his duty to his wife, the priest tells the story of his life after matters have come to a head and all his loves and duties collide on a single night. Once again, Karnad takes a folk tale about the human condition and refreshes it with a contemporary sensibility that embraces love, loyalty and honour.


Set DesignRoysten Abel
Set ExecutionShashidhar Adapa, Selva Kumar
Light DesignArghya Lahiri
On LightsArghya Lahiri, Hidayat Sami
Sound DesignAmit Heri
On SoundGautam Rao, Kapil Samat
Production Control  Gayathri Krishna, Shernaz Patel, Jagdish Malnad, Ayaz Ansari
PhotographyBabu Suresh
Publicity DesignSydney Vaz